Updated Wednesday March 4, 2009 by Babe Ruth Import.

Our SPRING REGISTRATION usually begins in November and ends in the middle of January.  FALL REGISTRATION usually starts in May and ends in the middle of August.  We post the registration forms on our website in the "DOCUMENT CENTER".  You can download the form and mail with a copy of your child's birth certificate and your payment.  We only accept CASH, MONEY ORDER or CHECK.  We advertise our in-person registration in The Observer.  We also post in-season registration information on our League Phone # 941-745-5005.

We have always used the first come first serve system to conduct our registration process.  This means that although we have a cutoff date for registration, we reserve the right to close registration early or close an age group or close out a specific team before the final registration date.  This method of first come first serve is shown on our Manatee Cal Ripken and Manatee Babe Ruth registration forms.  WE DO NOT ACCEPT LATE REGISTRATIONS.  We encourage all parents that are interested in having their child play in our league to sign up on the website.  League correspondence is sent through the website and the email address you have registered with.  If you are registered on the website we notify you by email about registration and will send several emails out during the registration process to remind parents to register.  If you have any questions about registration call the League Phone # 941-745-5005.  We discourage waiting to the last week to register your child as teams fill up quickly.

TEAM REQUESTS, COACHES REQUEST OR PLAYER REQUEST - The League has always tried to honor requests made by parents to have their child play on a certain team, or with a certain coach or with other players or some combination of all of these.  Please understand that we are NOT required to honor these requests.  We do it as a courtesy.  Honoring all of these requests complicates the registration process.  Do not take it for granted.  We will do our best to continue our past practices in this regard, but you should not be upset if we cannot honor all requests.  Most if not all other baseball leagues do not allow this practice.

PLAYING AGE:  Playing Age is determined by the age of your child as of May 1st.  For Fall 2015, please use your child's age as of May 1, 2016.  The same date will be used for the Spring 2016 Season.